With more than 30 years in the sector, from the beginning, we maintain the vocation of being a leading company in the manufacture of agriculture products, mainly agronutrients such as liquid and solid foliar fertilisers, pH regulators, crystal fertilisers, shortage correctors, chelated correctors, … agricultural biostimulants with organic fertilisers, amino acids, seaweed extracts, special biostimulants, … and soil improvers with humic acids, salinity correctors, etc.

For this, we rely to a large extent on the use of our own raw materials from the different activities that set up the solid group to which we belong.

estamos por la labor

“We are here to collaborate” the slogan that distinguishes us, and this is possible, thanks to having a highly qualified and enthusiastic human team, which at all times works to attend the needs of the field, solving the problems that our customers raise.


Our commercial office is located in Valencia (Spain), a privileged place in the Mediterranean, in full international expansion, in a strategic area with long agricultural and commercial tradition perfectly communicated. Here the technical-sales department and management are located.

Fábrica de JISA

JISA Advanced Agro, Sa Factory

Is located in the town of Santa Eulalia del Campo, just thirty kilometers from Teruel (Spain). It’s equipped with modern manufacturing equipment, warehousing and expedition area, as well as the R + D department with its own laboratory.

During these last decades, the so-called “high yield” agriculture has undergone a global reorganization. Thus, it has been occupying “spaces” in which factors such as climatology, anti-seasonal value of its productions, transport capacities, social and economic factors, varietal evolution, large distribution organization, etc., plays a strategic and decisive role .

Our strategic investment plan is aimed to provide an effective response, constantly improving manufacturing equipment, infrastructures and increasing R + D + i for the development of new products.

In this time, JISA Advanced Agro has not only continued to develop new agro-nutritional products and high quality agricultural biostimulants, but has also been very attentive to these changes in the globalization of production for the supply and demand of fruit and vegetables, as demonstrated by international commercial actions on a permanent basis.

In this sense, we currently have a large and qualified organization of distributors throughout the Spanish territory, as well as prominent importers in several countries, which give us a high international presence.

This internationalization has also allowed us to provide our customers (importers), a whole methodology and developing the necessary logistical support from our export department. This provides the necessary information and advice to follow up the legislative norms of each country and their particular bureaucratic procedures for the exportation of our products, valuable aspect for an efficient and fluent trade towards the companies of destination.

Brands such as: FULVIN®, ASCOFILLUM®, HUMILIG®, JISAQUEL®, LIBAMIN®, JISAMAR®, TARSSAN®, CRISTALJISA®, GLYBET®, ENGORMAX®, JISAFOL®, NUTRIOLIVO®, TOP-K®, FURDOS®, VEGETAMIN®, ALGADUL®, KITASAL®, CUAJEMAX®, CUPRO-ACTIV®, MOLEX® and RAICI® among others, enjoy full recognition in the international sector because its quality, results and agricultural profitability.

Teruel Enterprise Award 2013 for Internationalization

The fertilisers manufactured by Jiloca Industrial, SA enjoy a great international prestige. Currently the exportation represents a high percentage of the company turnover. This received award values a clear commitment for innovation and internationalization of its products.

AEFA Founding company

AEFAWe are a founding company of AEFA (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Agronutrients). A non-profit association created in 1997 and integrated by manufacturers of Agronutrients, for the development and expansion of the agricultural agronutrients and bio-stimulants sector.

Manufacturer Certificate according to RD 506/2013

Bureau VeritasIn compliance with the regulations of fertilisers, we are certified as manufacturer of agronutrients by the Bureau Veritas certifier.

Organic fertilizers under UNE standard

Organic fertilizers under UNE standard

We work exhaustively searching solutions 100% respectful with the environment and suitable for organic farming. Our products are formulated with the standards required by the current legislation and with the recognition of an authorized certifier company.

Through the international certifier CAAE we obtain the Confirmation of Compatibility for the Use of Organic Farming Supplies for certain products, such as: Algadul®, Ascofillum®, Cupro-Activ®, Glybet®, Humilig® 25 Plus, Humivita® Plus GR, Molex®, Tarssan®, Vegetamin® Eco,…

REACH REGISTER for Humic Acids

European Chemicals AgencySince 2012, JISA obtained the new European Reach Registration as manufacturer of Humic Acids with the number 01-2119484861-29-0003. This regulation is considered one of the greatest challenges for the chemical industry of this century, to the point of turning it into an international reference.

AEVAE founding Company

Maintaining our commitment to respect the environment, since the beginning of 2016, we are a founding member of AEVAE (Spanish Association for the Valuation of Containers). AEVAE is a non-profit organization created with the purpose of authorizing and managing a Collective System for agricultural packaging waste, through its implementation at national level. The objective of this is to give a correct environmental treatment and to facilitate to farmers, distributors and manufacturers of fertilisers and/or agrochemicals, the collection of the containers that they put in the national market and the fulfillment of the current national regulations.
With our participation, we intend to invigorate the current market and provide an alternative, efficient and economical solution for the correct management of our packaging.

COIAL partners

Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Valencia
We bet on the training and professionalization of the agricultural fertilisation sector in all its aspects: fruit growing, horticulture, green areas and sports areas. That is why Jiloca Industrial, SA, joins the figure of Partners of COIAL (Official College of Agronomists of the Levant) and thereby contributes to establish closer links between private firms and professional training.
The COIAL Partners program is designed to establish a closer relationship among the members who need more information of the market every day, as well as the interest to access to it and the companies that operate in it.
The Official College of Agronomists of Levante (COIAL) is a Public Law Corporation that, currently, has approximately 1,600 registered agricultural engineers. It’s constituted by the delegations of Alicante, Balearic Islands, Castellón and Valencia.

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