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We put at your disposal a complete catalogue of products specialized in agronutrition.

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We have a wide and qualified worldwide network of importers and distributors.

Reach Registration

Jiloca Industrial, SA (JISA), obtains the REACH Registration of humic acids 01-2119484861-29-0003

JISA Advanced Agro

Profesor Beltrán Báguena, no 4, 105 A
46009 Valencia (Spain)
Tel.: +34 963 517 901

Antigua Azucarera, s/n.
44360 Santa Eulalia del Campo (Teruel – Spain)
Tel.: +34 978 860 011

JISA Solutions

JISA Advanced Agro, puts at your disposal this catalogue of products specialized in agronutrition ..

In it you will find quality products resulting from years of R+D+i, testing and proven efficacy before being put on the market. Useful and profitable products for your crops, covering as a whole the needs of all the phenological stages of your plants

Undoubtedly, this catalogue of JISA products is an effective tool for engineers, technicians and other professionals in agricultural production and green areas, to have effective solutions within the specialties of agronutrients and agricultural biostimulants.

A whole family of foliar liquid and solid fertilisers, pH adjusters, crystalline fertilisers, amino acids, seaweed extracts, special biostimulants, humic and fulvic acids, salinity corrector make this catalogue one of the most complete of the national and international market

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