Ecological fertilisers

JISA Advanced Agro works exhaustively searching for fertilizers and biostimulants that are 100% environmentally friendly and suitable for organic cultivation. As a result of this work, we have developed a catalogue of products composed of fertilizers, biostimulants and microorganisms, aimed at giving an optimal response in the development of organic crops.

Currently, this family of ecological fertilizers it is conformed by: Molex® and Glybet®,in humic acids Humilig® 25 Plus, Humilig 8-8® and Humilig 11-5®, in chelated microelements Cupro-Activ®, Tarssan® Mix and Nutrijisa® Ecocal as an ecological calcium deficiency corrector; in algae extracts Algadul® and Ascofillum®,in amino acids Vegetamin® Eco. and in products based on microorganisms Fusvicur®, Micopron® and Vitatek®.

It should be noted that not all organic fertilizers on the market can be used in organic farming. In order to be usable, they must be formulated by appropriate protocols and have the recognition of authorized certificate companies.

In our case, CAAE is the Control and Certification Agency that grants us the license to use the brand for the production and labelling of our organic inputs under the UNE Standard. They are certified products compatible with integrated management and ecological production programs: biostimulants and organic fertilizers, humic acids, chelated microelements, humic organic amendments, algae extracts, amino acids and soil microorganisms.

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