Ecological fertilisers

JISA® works exhaustively searching for solutions that are 100% respectful with the environment and suitable for organic farming.. As a result of this work, we have developed a catalogue of products composed with fertilisers oriented to give an optimal response in the development of organic crops.

Currently, this family of ecological fertilisers consists in: ALGADUL®, ASCOFILLUM®, CUPRO-ACTIV®, GLYBET®, HUMILIG® 25 PLUS, MOLEX®, TARSSAN® MIX y VEGETAMIN® ECO.

It should be noted that not all JISA organic fertilisers on the market can be used in organic farming. For this, they must be formulated through appropriate protocols and have the recognition of an authorized certification company.

In our case, SOHISCERT is the Organism of Control and Certification that grants us the license to use our brand for the production and labeling of our products. Products which are certified and compatible with the programs of integrated management and organic production: biostimulants and organic fertilisers, humic acids, chelated micronutrients, organic humic soil improvers, seaweed extracts and amino acids.

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