Microorganismos Micopron

Mixture of Endomycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizobacteria PGPR

MICOPRON® is a biological biofertilizer formulated based on a mixture of endomycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria of the genus Bacillus. The synergy that occurs between the different microorganisms that are part of this product improves the effectiveness of root colonization. By applying Micopron® the soil surface in contact with the root system increases., reason why crops with a greater vegetative development, balanced and healthy are obtained.

MICOPRON® quickly colonizes the rhizosphere of the root system through the rhizobacteria of the genus Bacillus, which strengthen the root system producing a biostimulant effect that affects positively the growth and vegetative development of the plant. Endomycorrhizal fungi of the genus Glomus invade the cells of the root cortex, establishing a symbiotic relationship between the plant and fungus, which allows to increase considerably the scanning surface of the root system.

Why should I use Micopron® as a biostimulant?

  • MICOPRON® is a biofertilizer that provides beneficial microorganisms for the soil.
  • MICOPRON® is a mixture of endomycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria PGPR, that by their joint action ensures a rapid biostimulant effect and improves the colonization efficiency of the roots.
  • MICOPRON® increases the contact surface between soil and plant due to the symbiosis between root and endomycorrhizal fungi.
  • <MICOPRON® favours the assimilation of nutrients by the plant. Unlock essential elements for the plant.
  • MICOPRON® produces an invigorating effect on the crop as a result of better development of the root system.
  • MICOPRON® improves tolerance to water stress, extreme temperatures, lack of water and salinity conditions.
  • MICOPRON® promotes activation of plant defenses. Adequate plant nutrition allows the correct functioning of the physiological processes necessary to combat and overcome any type of stress.


Microorganismos Micopron
Microorganisms beneficial to the soil

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