Marca de microorganismos Vitatek

Mixture of rhizobacteria PGPR

VITATEK® is a biological biofertilizer formulated based on 3 types of rhizobacteria PGPR from the genus Bacillus and Pseudomonas, and endomycorrhizal fungi. The joint action of different microorganisms improves the availability of nutrients, enhances the root system and provides an invigorating effect on plants.

VITATEK® ensures a strong and healthy root, activates biological processes in the soil that increase tolerance to water stress caused by high temperatures, salinity or lack of water. VITATEK® has an invigorating effect on crops.

Why should I use Vitatek® as a biostimulant?

  • The Rhizobacteria PGPR present in Vitatek® quickly colonize the rhizosphere, establishing a symbiosis relationship between the plant and the microorganisms.
  • VITATEK® improves the development of the root system, strengthening it and increasing its ramifications and the amount of absorbent root hairs.
  • VITATEK® increases the plant vigour, observing a strong and balanced growth of the crops.
  • VITATEK® helps to unlock nutritive elements in the soil, and improves the nutrient absorption capacity of plants.
  • VITATEK® gives the plant more resistance against hydric stress caused by lack of water, salinity and extreme temperature.
  • VITATEK® helps to activate the plant defenses against other non-beneficial microorganisms.
Microorganismos Vitatek
Microorganisms beneficial to the soil

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