Citrus cultivation in Spain has around 270,000 hectares in production, including oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits. Linked to this production, the complexity of the markets is currently a handicap for those farmers who do not obtain the desired yields, in quantity and quality.

From JISA Advanced Agro we always propose to see nutrition as an investment and not just as a production cost. For this to be the case, factors such as knowledge of the cultivation phases and the particularities of each variety are very important when it comes to obtaining the highest possible production and of course with optimum quality.

The foliar fertilization during the spring season, which are in according to the geographical areas during the months of March, April, May and June, allows us to improve the production and quality of the fruits. For this, JISA Advanced Agro offers you a select range of agronutrients and biostimulants for the cultivation of citrus that will help you improve the performance of your crop.

Improve flowering and fruit setting in citrus

A good production is largely the result of having a good flowering and a good fruit setting in citrus. For this, Algadul helps to improve the fruit setting and it is recommended to make the applications in the moments of flowering and the petal fall.

Zinc and Manganese are essential elements in cultivation. Nutrijisa citricos has the ideal balance of these elements and a rapid assimilation by the citrus tree. Its application is recommended during the months of March, April, May, June.

Citrus fruit fattening

Engormax is a special biostimulant that favours a greater homogeneity of fruit size and a higher specific weight. Two applications are recommended: the first after thinning and a second 30 days later.

Nutrijisa Mix is a multiple deficiency corrector that can be used in foliar treatments and with the advance that it can be mixed with most fertilizers and phytosanitary products.

Other JISA agronutrients and biostimulants that can be used in a mixture with the above indicated products from June are: Jisabiol, Jisafol Fattening, Gorfrut and Nutrijisa Calcio. The handling of these products will be developed in another Agro-TIP JISA, and as a simply indicating that they favour the fattening of fruits during the summer.

If you want more information about JISA products or if you want to make a technical consultation for the cultivation of citrus, do not hesitate to contact our Technical-commercial team.

Manuel Martínez Hernández

Manuel Martínez Hernández – Area manager

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