Neutral pH Potassium


Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 20.00 % w/w
EDTA 1.00 % w/w


JISAFOL®FATTENING is a formula based on potassium with organic acids, free of chlorides, carbonates, nitrates or sulphates, with a fast assimilation, favoring the movement and distribution of water and nutrients of the plant through the phloem. It reduces excessive transpiration of the plant.

It is indicated in the moments of fattening and maturation, getting to advance the maturation and increase the content of sugars in fruit. It has a buffer effect, does not alkalize the pH of the treatment water, favoring to possibility to mix it with most phytosanitary products on the market, including mineral oils. Its use increases the sap flow, activating the absorption of water and nutrients, inducing the plant to overcome the stress caused by chemical treatments.


FOLIAR APPLICATION: 2 or 3 applications will be carried out at a rate of 200-400 cc/hl

ROOT APPLICATION: it will be provided by complementing the fertiliser plan, from fruit setting until ripening, at a rate of 5-10 l/ha. Several applications will be made during the crop cycle.

JISAFOL®FATTENING is recommended in all crops at times of greatest need for potassium.

Fruit trees, grape, tropical & citrus Increase in production, improves fruit quality and size; increasing sugars, precocity, uniformity and skin color. It also improve the firmness of the fruit for transport
Vegetables Improves fruit size, color, specific weight and Brix grade
Tubers & bulbs Increase in production, specific weight, increase quality of starches or dry mass
Cultivation by grain and industrial Increase in yield per hectare by increasing the specific weight of the fruit
Banana Improves the quality and sugars in the fruit and increases the specific weight


JISAFOL®FATTENING is compatible with all types of fertilisers and most phytosanitary products. Do not mix with calcium products. It is advisable to carry out a previous test.

PRESENTATION: 1; 5; 20; 220; Available in container of 1.000 L.

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