Citrus production in Spain has great competition in the markets, especially those that come from countries such as Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, etc. Therefore, producers face the challenge of maintaining the profitability and viability of the crop to defend their leadership against these countries.

Foliar fertilization in citrus crops during the summer season, provides the necessary elements for the fruit and corrects deficiencies, since the absorption and use of nutrients by foliar route is very effective.

For the summer season in the northern hemisphere (between June 21 to September 22), that is, during three of the warmest months of the year, JISA Advanced Agro has a catalogue of products for foliar application formulated to improve the quality of the skin, increase fattening and uniformity of fruits, as well as guarantee their correct ripening.

After having had a good flowering and fruit setting in spring time, during the summer is when we must put our efforts in the development of the fruit, providing the necessary elements to obtain a product with the highest commercial value due to its size and quality.

Potassium for fruit fattening and ripening in citrus

JISA Advanced Agro has a range of agronutrients and biostimulants for citrus that will help us to improve the crop in these summer months.

Biostimulants for foliar application in citrus

Potassium is essential at the cellular level and for fertirrigation applications, the technical team of JISA recommends the special biostimulant Top K which is a potassium-based product that’s rapidly assimilated, especially at fattening and maturing stages. The synergy of its application together with Fulvin 40-22/Furdos, a vegetal organic biostimulant, provides the plant with greater tolerance to situations of water stress and better absorption of potassium through the roots.

Jisafol Fattening, complexed potassium with neutral pH, is also recommended, a formulation free of chlorides and carbonates to be used in foliar applications, for fruit fattening and ripening during the months of July, August and September. This product is compatible with most phytosanitary treatments.

Calcium to improve the elasticity of the citrus skin

During the time of increase in fruit size and ripening, in order to try to reduce disorders of the bark, such as cracking and problems with albedo (Mesocarp), we can use Nutrijisa Calcio, which is in the JISA catalogue of deficiency correctors.

Biostimulants for foliar application in citrus

More Biostimulants for foliar application in citrus

To improve the fertilization of citrus fruits in summer, the application of Jisabiol is also recommended, a product based on high quality amino acids, which favours the growth of the fruit, improving the size of the fruit and its colour.

Finally, with the foliar application of Algadul and Ascofillum, products based on Ascophyllum nodosum, a biostimulant effect is provided to the tree during the different phases of the crop. Also, it facilitates a better response of the crop to stress situations and its foliar application together with products containing potassium improve the assimilation of this element.

If you want more information about JISA products or if you want to make a technical consultation for the cultivation of citrus, do not hesitate to contact our Technical-commercial team.

Manuel Martínez Hernández

Manuel Martínez Hernández – Area manager

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