NK 3-50 fertiliser with amino acids

Quick assimilation potassium with osmoprotector effect


Free amino acids 2.00 % w/w
Total nitrogen (N) 3.00 % w/w
Organic nitrogen (N) 0.70 % w/w
Ureic nitrogen (N) 2.30 % w/w
ÓPotassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 50.00 % w/w
Sequestering agent EDTA 2.00 % w/w


TOP K® is a special product for fattening and maturing rapidly absorbed by the plant. Its high concentration of potassium promotes activation of cell respiration processes and activation of sap flow in the phloem, strengthening the plant in the most unfavourable stress and diseases.

TOP K® increases photosynthetic capacity and efficiency, facilitating photoassimilates transport and enzymes formation.

TOP K® improves fruit quality by increasing their colour, weight and ºBrix.


Fruit trees Several applications, from the beginning of sprouting to the harvest of fruits. 200-400 g/hl 5 – 6 kg/ha
Citrus Apply immediately after the physiological fall of the fruit, in the first stages of fattening, up to 15 days before harvesting. From 2 to 3 treatments. 200-400 g/hl 5 – 6 kg/ha
Vegetables Several applications, depending on the time of the crop, for fattening and ripening of fruits, start 10 days before beginning to cut fruits. 200-300 g/hl 4 – 5 kg/ha
Strawberry Apply with the appearance of the first fruits. Subsequent applications after each catch, at the beginning of the change of color, on the fruits that you want to force. 200-300 g/hl 5 – 6 kg/ha
Industrial tomato 1st application 15 days before the cut.
2nd application 7 days before cutting if necessary.
300 g/hl 5 kg/ha
Grape Perform two applications 30 and 15 days before collection. 200/300 g/hl 5 kg/ha
Olive From bone formations to hardening apply 1 or 2 treatments. In the fat fixation and fattening make another treatment. 300 g/hl 5 – 7 kg/ha
Potato 1st application to the appearance of tubers.
2nd application 15 days after.
300 g/hl 5 kg/ha
Tropical crops Fattening: applications of 5 kg/ha every 15 days until harvest. Maturation: 2 applications at 10 kg/ha, starting 20 days before harvest. 200-400 g/hl 5 – 10 kg/ha


TOP-K® is compatible with other fertilizers or pesticides except those containing calcium or with low pH (acid). It is convenient to test beforehand.


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