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Nutrijisa mix, Liquid mix of complexed micro-nutrients

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NUTRIJISA MIX is a liquid formulation of micro-nutrients complexed with gluconic acid, prepared for the prevention and correction of multiple deficiency states, caused by deficiencies or lack of assimilation by the plant of micronutrients
which are in the presentation.

It contains the main micro-nutrients needed for plant nutrition and which are directly involved in the physiological plant processes.


NUTRIJISA MIX is recommended for all type of crops: vegetables, strawberry, fruit and citrus trees, olive trees, grapes, banana, ornamental, etc.

NUTRIJISA MIX can be applied by foliar spray, root application through any irrigation system and hydroponics.


Do not use with sulphocalcic solutions, strong acids or alkaline reaction products.


1; 5 and 20 L.

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