Jiloca Industrial SA, JISA joins the celebration of World Fertiliser Day, a day in which the work they have done in favor of humanity is recognized. With their development and application they have managed to significantly reduce the famine in different areas affected by poverty, as well as in improving the economic levels of its people.

World Fertiliser Day and the Haber-Bosch method

The day chosen for the celebration of World Fertiliser Day is October 13. A very significant date because it coincides with the anniversary of the Haber-Bosch patent (more than 100 years), a technological process with which ammonia is synthesized and which, among other uses, allows fertilisers to be produced from atmospheric nitrogen. This method has been essential to manufacture it from many other products in which ammonia plays a vital role, for example, and in the world of agronutrientes the nitric acid and certain nitrogen fertilisers.

But World Fertiliser Day goes beyond the anniversary of the Haber-Bosch method. In addition to the so-called fertiliser products, other specialties are included, including agronutrients as more efficient last-generation fertilisers and agricultural biostimulants, capable of helping the plant to grow better in conditions of water and temperature stress. In this context, Jiloca Industrial SA JISA has been developing agronutrients and agricultural biostimulants under registered trademarks for more than 30 years, complying with strict environmental requirements and marketing them worldwide.

Agronutrients and agricultural biostimulants

Agronutrients and agricultural biostimulants aimed to increase crop yields either outdoors or in greenhouse cultivation, with a presence in regions of tropical, subtropical or continental climate, which are allowing our products to be applied in any type of crop that a few years ago it was unthinkable. To give some examples we can mention rice, cotton, soya, cocoa and even in shrimp farms in Ecuador.

According to an FAO report, global fertiliser growth of 1.8 percent per year is expected, and that the use of these fertilisers exceeded 200 million tons in 2018, while the global capacity of its production, intermediate products and Raw materials will also continue to increase.

Also linked to plant food, on October 14, 2017, World Food Day was celebrated in Valencia, an event in which the contribution of fertilisers to world food production was disclosed.

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