Biostimulant agricultural inducer of the root development Raici

Root development inducer

Raici® regenerates and strengthens the root system. Its use helps a correct development of the plant, because it aids to improve the availability and absorption of the different nutritional elements.

Why should I use Raici® ?

  • Raici® improves the establishment of plants and seedlings after transplantation, allowing crops to grow with strong and healthy roots.
  • Its use during the crop cycle helps root reactivation in situations of unfavorable stress for its growth and development (temperature, salinity, etc.).

PRESENTATION: 1 and 5 liters

Raici® is formulated with high quality organic substances, increases the surface of the root system and favors the exchange of substances between root and beneficial microorganisms of the rhizosphere, such as rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae.

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