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Molex, NK liquid organic fertiliser from vegetal origin

Producto APTO para AGRICULTURA ECOLÓGICA segĂșn el REGLAMENTO (CE) NÂș 889/2008 DE LA COMISIÓN del 05 de Septiembre de 2008.

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MOLEX is a high quality product rich in organic matter. The presented liquid form makes viable its incorporation to the ground by means of the modern systems of irrigation and therefore a perfect distribution of the product. This suitable location and its total solubility in the ground, cause that its action is faster and more effective than the solid traditional organic matters.
The organic matter improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the clay-humic complex, contributing to maintain a suitable level of humus. The humus increases the capacity of ions change in the ground, it is a source of nutrients reserve for the plant and it favours the mineral fertilisers assimilation.


MOLEX can be used at any stage and for all type of crops (vegetables, fruit trees, citrus trees, banana, olive trees, strawberry, tropical plants, etc.), as a great contributor of organic matter, vegetal protein and other nutrients. Its
contribution can be through irrigation systems (fertirrigation, sprinkling or traditional irrigation) as organic matter provider and through foliar application as an excellent ecologic bioestimulant, increasing the chlorophyll levels in the leaf.


Root application: 90-120 l/ha
Foliar application: 0,8- 1 l/hl


MOLEX is compatible with fertilisers and phytosanitary products if they haven’t got a high alkaline pH; in case of doubt it is advisable to test beforehand.


1; 5; 20; 220 and 1.000 L.

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