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During the last decades, agriculture called “high yield”, has undergone a global reorganization. So, it has dealt “spaces” where factors such as weather, counter-seasonal value of their productions, transport capacities, social and economic factors, varietal evolution, organization of large retailers, and so on, play a strategic and decisive role.

JISA Jiloca Industrial, S.A. continues to develop new nutritional products, attentive to changes in the globalization of supply and demand, as evidenced by continuously international commercial. In this sense, we currently have a large and qualified dealer organization throughout the Spanish territory, as well as strong importers in several countries, granting to us a high exportation level.

This international expansion has also allowed us to provide our customers (importers), a whole methodology and setting up the necessary logistical support from our export department. This facilitates the reporting and monitoring of the legislation of each country and their particular bureaucratic procedures for the export, valuable aspect for efficient and fluent trading companies to target companies.

JISA currently exports to over 20 countries distributed across Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and of course Europe. As some examples; Portugal, Italy, Greece at European level, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt … in Africa, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates … in the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador in Latin America, and following the committed to internationalization, recently we are opening the Asian market in which we operate in countries like South Korea.

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