JISA participates in the donation of more than 100,000 homologated protection masks for farm workers.

Since the beginning of the appearance of COVID-19 in our lives, JISA has been attentive to the guidelines set by Health and the Government of Spain within the framework of the State of Alarm. From the first moment we have been analysing and evaluating the different actions to follow so that together we can control the situation and return to the “normality” as soon as possible.

Of the different measures undertaken by JISA on this occasion we highlight our participation by providing financial resources for the purchase of 100,000 approved protection masks for farm workers.

This initiative has been led by AEFA (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Agronutrients) of which JISA is a founding company, achieving in its entirety the figure of 90,000 euros that have been allocated to the purchase of these approved masks.

At a time to support the agriculture

For aid, any time is good, but for JISA and other companies involved in this solidarity action, we have chosen to do so coinciding with the harvest of stone fruit in various regions of Spain. This harvest takes place from the beginning of May until well into the summer, mainly in large areas of Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia, Extremadura, Aragon and Catalonia.

Working as a team we are more efficient also in solidarity

As our slogan “We are for the labour” says, at JISA we are involved in everything that affects the sector and that’s in our hands. We also know that how better the team, greater are the successes and on this occasion, in which solidarity is one of the main axes, we have chosen to join forces so that this solidarity action is as much effective as possible.

For this reason, after the decision to launch this solidarity action project, we have done so by involving ourselves with large and efficient actors such as AEFA, TRAGSA, Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain and FUSBA.

AEFA has been in charge of coordinating aid via financial contributions, with the manufacturer of approved masks, with the head of distribution logistics and those responsible for their delivery points.

TRAGSA, thanks to the mediation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has been in charge of the purchase and distribution logistics of this approved material.

Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain has established its network of 3,699 cooperative companies spread throughout the country, with more than a million members and generating more than 100,000 jobs.

FUSBA (Santa Bárbara Disabled Labour Foundation) has been in charge of manufacturing these approved face masks. Located in Pola de Siero (Asturias – Spain) it is entirely made up of people with disabilities. This company is specialized in providing means, materials, and equipment for special jobs, and has begun to manufacture masks, mainly disposable hygiene ones, in the context of the current pandemic.

From JISA we are committed to continue making efforts in the framework of this pandemic because we must all come out of it together.

Image property: EFE

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