Humic acids

Products coming from humified lignite (Leonardite). It has been used for many years in agriculture because they provide the soil with a significant amount of organic matter. Its richness in humic acids is the largest source in nature that is used as an input of organic matter. Humic acids allow to improve soil properties useful for agriculture (availability of nutrients and water in the soil) as well as fulvic acids which serve as a vehicle for nutrients to enter more quickly inside the plant.

Jiloca Industrial SA is a European manufacturer of humic acids and since 2012 it has a Registration Reach Number: it obtains the humic acids registration REACH

Our products :

Ácidos húmicos Humilig 25 Plus

Ácidos húmicos Humilig 8-8

Ácidos húmicos Humilig 11-5

Logo Humilig Dry

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